Tetramer Wins Phase II Contract for F-18 Materials Development

Tetramer has been awarded a Navy Phase II SBIR contract to develop new, commercially attractive adhesives that have a unique combination UV-curability, refractive index, and extended shelf life in the uncured state. Tetamer® Index-Matching Adhesive (TIMA™) exhibits rapid UV-curing and maximum shelf life stability making it easier to store and use in  optical adhesive applications. This work directly supports repair of avionic fiber systems in forward operating bases where refrigeration is often unavailable to transport and store materials. TIMA is specifically formulated to repair damaged optical fiber within the F-18 Hornet. The optical adhesive is placed inside a device called a mechanical splice which aligns to two ends of the broken fiber. The TIMA™ is cured with UV light to glue the fibers back together. While the extended shelf life and UV-curability are developed for the F-18 platform, this technology will have use on all other aircraft as well as in the repair of fiber optic systems within naval ships and submarines. These adhesives could also find their way into car repair as well as home installations and repair. With the demands for fiber optic technologies increasing, especially for fiber-to-the-home broadband connections, it is anticipated that a low cost, easy-to-use option for such technologies will be well received.

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