Polyimide Coatings

Tetrimide™ High Temperature Polyimide Coatings|
Long-lasting coatings for the harshest environments

Tetrimide™ High Temperature Polyimide Coatings

Tetramer developed the Tetrimide™ polyimide coatings for longer lifetimes in harsh environments and overall improved coating quality. Through understanding molecular architecture and polymer synthesis, we optimized polyimide processability and durability to bring you coatings with exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and ease of use.

  • Industry-leading Thermal Stability

  • Exceptional Chemical Durability

  • Enabling Processability

  • Excellent Coating Quality

  • Patented Technology

High Temperature Polyimide Coatings

  • Tetrimide™ ICP

    Industry-leading thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, and chemical resistance

  • Tetrimide™ MW

    Exceptional thermal stability and enhanced mechanical toughness

  • Tetrimide™ SCP

    Exceptional thermal stability and revolutionary processability

High Temperature Coatings

Tetrimide™ ICP and Tetrimide™ MW coatings are applied from poly(amic acid) solutions in a high boiling point solvent and then converted to a polyimide on fiber or wire. Both polymers exhibit exceptionally high thermal stability, as shown in Figure 1.
  • Tetrimide™ ICP was optimized for excellent chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability.

  • Tetrimide™ MW was engineered for mechanical toughness and adhesion to glass fiber and metal wires.

Figure 1

Solvent-Strippable Tetrimide™ Coatings

Tetramer has developed Tetrimide™ SCP, a solvent- strippable polyimide coating, also with thermal properties as shown in Figure 1. Key features of the Tetrimide™ SCP:
  • Tetrimide™ SCP can be applied from a pre- imidized polyimide coating solution, which ensures a fully imidized coating independent of cure process as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

  • Tetrimide™ SCP can be stripped from the fiber with non- flammable, low toxicity solvents as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

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