Industrial Partnerships

Partnering with Industry

Our customers desire product differentiation through superior materials.  Tetramer identifies and down-selects promising materials technologies and can take them through scale up and manufacturing. In addition to serving as a source of new materials technologies and product development, Tetramer can be a source of proprietary materials manufacturing for our partners.

Industrial Partners choose Tetramer for support at any stage of the innovation process or through the entire development cycle.

Tetramer’s industrial customers range from small business startups to global companies, with projects spanning diverse industries and markets. We have the flexibility to tailor development contracts and nondisclosure agreements to fit the needs of individual relationships, and we will always treat these partnerships with integrity and confidentiality.

Creating Value at Every Stage of Innovation

Tetramer Capabilities to support this work include:

  • Assessments of Technology and Profitability Potential

  • Commercialization Strategies

  • Laboratory Space and Talent

  • Scale-up Facilities

With expertise in research (Stage 1-2), product development (Stage 3), scale-up (Stage 4), and manufacturing (Stage 4-5), Tetramer supports our industrial partners through the entire innovation process or can step in at any stage of the process.






Technical Feasibility






Scale Up




Click the stages above to see how Tetramer can help advance your technology throughout the development lifecycle.

Our Experience and Infrastructure

Tetramer’s infrastructure uniquely positions us to serve our industrial partners in large scale product development, small one-off projects, or as an external R&D arm.

  • Extensive Wet Lab 
  • Fully Staffed Analytical Lab
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS
  • EHS Expertise 
  • Regulatory Filing
  • Small Scale Synthesis
  • Large Volume Production
  • Supply Chain

20 Years of Industrial R&D Experience

Working with large chemical and oil & gas companies, Tetramer provides specialized support for materials research and development. Backed with a highly trained staff and a full analytical lab, Tetramer R&D executes research plans with faster feedback cycles than organizations that must outsource characterization.

What is it like to partner with Tetramer?

Our Industrial Partners instantly have access to the deep experience and capabilities of our team. And we do not take the team concept lightly. We work with you to ensure that your goals are met by providing consistent feedback, communication, and evaluation as we work through the process.

We strive to keep our partners informed and work to clearly and honestly communicate progress and challenges. Likewise, we expect the same from our partners.

To better understand what it’s like to partner with Tetramer and learn about our culture, check out our Axioms.

"Tetramer is a trusted partner. A very talented and hard-working team that is highly focused on developing innovative solutions. Tetramer is extremely creative, understanding end-to-end facets from the science behind synthesis of new molecules to the engineering involved in cost-effective manufacturing and ultimately the application process yielding the desired performance properties."

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