Perfluorcyclobutyl (PFCB) Polymers and Monomers

Perfluorcyclobutyl (PFCB) Polymers

 PFCB polymers are a unique class of semi-fluorinated polymers which exhibit high temperature and chemical stability and low dielectric constants in combination with excellent processability and optical transparency

These polymers are formed in the absence of additives or by-products through the thermally induced cycloaddition of trifluorovinyl ether (TFVE) monomers.  A large number of homo-polymers and co-polymers are possible, with tailorable properties.  Applications include waveguides, fibers and coatings.

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A range of TFVE monomers (precursors to PFCB polymers) are available for research and development through Oakwood Chemical.

(Fluorovinylether Monomer Product Sheet)


PFCB Polymers are available directly from Tetramer in various molecular weights and grades.

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