Tetramer Receives National Science Foundation Grant To Develop Optical Fiber Coatings

Tetramer has received NSF funding under a Phase II SBIR grant (IIP-1330948) to develop and commercialize high-temperature, highly processable optical fiber coatings. These polyimide coatings which will be sold under the name Tetrimide.  Tetramer anticipates that the polymers developed in this project will have performance characteristics not currently available in fiber coatings and will enable operation at temperatures above 300 °C.
Tetrimide coatings have potential to impact a wide variety of markets. Down-hole fiber sensors with Tetrimide will proved improved temperature monitoring in both oil and geothermal wells by allowing longer measurement periods at higher temperature. Improved monitoring of well conditions can allow for increased oil production and improve geologists accuracy when attempting to locate new wells.
In the avionics sector, optical fibers which are coated with Tetrimide can exhibit improved processing. While current fiber coatings must be removed with hot sulfuric acid, Tetrimide can be safely removed with mechanical strippers or solvents such as nail polish remover.
Tetramer has already begun sampling materials to customers for testing and plans to begin selling materials in the next 2 years.

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