Tetramer Materials Demonstrated by M2DCON at Chemical Biological Operational Analysis event

Materials developed by Tetramer’s Chemical Biological Defense team will be demonstrated in new decontamination apparel by M2DCON at Chemical Biological Operations Analysis event put on by DTRA.

Over the last year and a half, our Chem Bio Defense Team has been developing a new material to be used in protective suits for soldiers facing chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats. We’ve had great technical results so far, and our team is excited to have been asked to provide samples of our materials to one of the most highly respected DoD Chem-Bio cleanup contractors in the industry, M2DCON.

M2DCON has extensive experience developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art decontamination equipment, chemistries, and consumables to meet the most challenging requirements. They will be using the Tetramer bead materials in the demonstration of their new decontamination apparel at an upcoming “hands-on demo day” for the US military. Organized by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the CBOA (Chemical Biological Operational Analysis) event is a unique opportunity to put Tetramer’s technology in the hands of active-duty US military personnel and receive feedback from field operators.  (Link to article describing recent CBOA event)

Receiving this type of feedback from customers so early in a materials development program is atypical, and it’s a testament to the hard work of the Tetramer team and the promising nature of this exciting technology.

Part of Tetramer’s Chem Bio Defense team, Deidra and Heather put in a tremendous effort to get the materials prepared in advance of the demo day. Please join us in congratulating the team on their accomplishments thus far as we await great feedback from the CBOA event.

JSTO-CBD SBIR: Contract Number W911SR-22-C-0014

Tetramer is interested in connecting with other partners who recognize the opportunity to use this technology in protective applications. The MOF-bead technology has significant potential in many other applications beyond just fabrics and protective garments, and our team is well positioned to develop customized beads for these alternative uses. To connect with the team and learn more about this ongoing work:

Fulfilling Tetramer's Mission to get Materials out of the Lab and into the Battlefield

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