Tetramer has experience in working with a large range of polymeric materials systems and with the development of structure/property relationships. Using this knowledge, we develop improved materials through improved understanding. Using advanced analytics to develop property maps and processing diagrams, Tetramer can provide solutions to your technical challenges.


Materials Systems

  • UV Cure Coatings
  • High Optical Purity Materials
  • Resin Development
Nano Particles
  • Rare Earth Doped Lanthanide Halides
  • CdSe Quantum Dots
  • Gold, Silver
Perfluorocyclobutyl (PFCB) Polymers
  • Optical waveguides
  • Fuel Cell Membranes (PEM)
  • Thin film Coatings
  • Tailorable Refractive Index Coatings
  • Scale up
  • Textiles
  • Dielectrics
  • High temperature coatings
Sol-gel Chemistries
  • Alumina Coatings & Monolith
  • Silica Coatings and Monolith
Triglyceride-Seed Oil Chemistry
  • Industrial products
  • Candles
  • Modified food products

Materials Development & Engineering

Atomic Structure
The properties of a bulk material are defined at the atomic level by the arrangement of individual atoms and molecules with respect to one another. Our materials scientists and organic chemists have knowledge and capabilities to design and synthesize compounds with the necessary atomic structure to provide the desired properties.
Controlling Microstructure
Material properties are dependent on the nature of the crystallites and the crystallite interactions. The size and shape (morphology) of the crystallite impacts the strength and ductility of the material. Through the use of side chains, functional groups, and additives, Tetramer can control microstructure to alter optical and mechanical properties of materials.
Materials Characterization
In developing new materials, characterization of compounds provides the necessary feedback to perform the iterative process that is materials development. Tetramer maintains a full suite of analytical and test equipment for thermal, mechanical, optical, and chemical analysis which is staffed by a full time analytical chemist. For more detailed information on Tetramer’s capabilities send us an inquiry or call us at 865.646.6282.
Process Development
When producing compounds for commercial development, it is critical that those materials can be processed in a cost effective, industrial scalable process. While initial development at Tetramer often occurs at the gram scale, we have full time chemical engineers that aid in scale up and development of Technology Transfer Packages.  With experience in regulatory filing, Tetramer can aid its clients in the commercialization of new compounds.  As part of the Technology Transfer Package, Tetramer can develop processing maps such as Phase Diagrams, Time-Temperature-Transformation diagrams, Continuous Cooling Transformation diagrams, and formulation property surface maps.