DOE Award Grant to Develop Tampering Indicating Technology

Tetramer has been awarded a DOE Phase I Grant (DE-FG01-12ER90414) to develop nanocomposite coating technology for Global Safeguards.  There is a need within the Global Safeguards community for tamper-indicating coatings of varying complexity for use in the verification and authentication of nuclear security documents, materials, and equipment. Current commercial coatings for seals used in this type of application lack the sophistication necessary for quick, accurate, and reliable tamper detection. In addition to tampering, another vital attribute is to be able to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit materials. Tetramer has developed a unique nanocomposite-coating platform technology that will be used for tamper-indicating seals currently in development within the National Laboratories. During Phase I, Tetramer will demonstrate tailorable matrix properties, optimized nanoparticles, and optimized processing conditions. In Phase II Tetramer will design and build an advanced coating system and will develop sophisticated spectral signatures for tamper-indicating seals using a variety of active nanomaterials. This technology will improve security in all areas where tamper-indication and/or authentication is required. In the commercial sector this technology would have significant competitive advantages in the large anti-counterfeiting market.