Tetramer to Develop Materials used in Geothermal Energy Harvesting under DOE Phase I

Tetramer is excited to announce the receipt of a new Phase Award from the Department of Energy to develop new High Temperature Elastomeric Materials for downhole applications.    

Upon completion of this program, Tetramer will produce new elastomeric materials capable of withstanding the harsh environments required for geothermal energy harvesting. The increased lifetimes of these materials will reduce energy production costs and downtime in subsurface energy applications, which currently provide more than 80% of total US energy needs. 


Current elastomeric materials lack the required stability for harsh, downhole environments. New materials must be developed to improve performance, reliability, and durability in subsurface energy applications. 


During this program, Tetramer will synthesize new cross-linkable elastomers able to withstand the harsh conditions of downhole environments. In addition to the reduced cost of energy production (geothermal in particular)the materials developed will provide replacement elastomers for a range of other applications. Elastomers are widely used in various markets and this disruptive technology could catalyze great innovation in automotive, construction, and healthcare, as well as many other market segments. 

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