Tetramer Awarded Phase IIB Contract to Develop Tamper Indicating Coatings

Tetramer Technologies was awarded a Phase IIB contract (DE-SC0008246)  from the Department of Energy (DoE) for the development and commercialization of tamper-indicating coatings (TICs) that are intended to address unmet security needs in defense, global safeguards, and commercial authentication markets.  The DoE has expressed a desire for advanced technologies that can reduce the threats associated with illicit tampering or access to high-security targets such as special nuclear materials, nuclear arms, and highly classified information technology.  This program will address some of the current manufacturing shortcomings of these coatings by developing an automated deposition system to enable fundamental process and materials studies on highly reproducible samples. Tetramer has leveraged its tamper-indicating materials platform technology to address the technical and operational pain points identified by the DoE and has demonstrated the continued success of this research program from Phase I all the way to Phase IIB/III.
In addition to interest from the DoE, Tetramer has developed working relationships with several industry-leading commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) technology vendors.  The valuable application-oriented feedback provided by these vendors will enable Tetramer to transfer this technology into existing commercial markets with reduced barriers to market entry.  Potential applications for this technology include supply chain verification, authentication of consumer goods, and tamper-indication for pharmaceuticals, to name a few.  To be more product-specific, Tetramer’s nanocomposites could soon be used to protect anything from nuclear fuel and weapons systems to your next package of prescription medications or a bottle fine wine.

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