Tetramer Awarded Phase I DOD Contract

Tetramer Technologies was awarded a Phase I contract from the US Navy (N6833518C0353) to develop a more robust elastomer material for cushioned clamps. These clamps serve an important role in securing and protecting hydraulic, fuel, and electrical lines in Navy aircraft. If a support member loses its ability to dampen vibration and provide a protective cushion, the vital runs become susceptible to damage by forces including abrasion, vibration, and shock. Improved elastomer cushion materials are needed to stay reliably viable in service, mitigate overly frequent preventative inspection and replacement schedules, and reduce cost and downtime.
During Phase I Tetramer will develop a new cushion material based on polyurethane elastomers. Tetramer has previously used polyurethane chemistry to develop elastomers with excellent chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, and tear strength. The Phase I effort will aim to demonstrate enhanced material performance against the combined effects of UV, ozone and hydraulic fuel exposure. Evaluation will include application-relevant mechanical testing, chemical resistance, and accelerated aging.
Successful elastomers developed in this program will have value for both military and commercial aircraft in protective support functions. These materials, with combined hydrocarbon, UV, and ozone resistance, can expand into aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, and industrial sectors in demanding applications that can include seals, gaskets, mountings, bushings, and belts.

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