Hand Sanitizer Produced by Tetramer for Clemson and Pendleton Areas

“We’re an advanced materials research company and not a hand sanitizer producer, but we saw this need and knew we were uniquely suited to helping out.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer has been in short supply.  As distilleries and other non-traditional hand sanitizer producers have ramped up production, it is not clear when the supply shortage will end. When Tetramer CEO, Jeff DiMaio, asked his doctor about the shortage of sanitizer, it became apparent that much of the issue is getting sanitizer in quantities that can be used easily. “Supply chain of raw materials and production is an obstacle to getting sanitizer produced, but we also see bottling and distribution in usable quantities as another barrier to getting sanitizer out into the community. Our goal was to find a way to help get the sanitizer where it is needed most,” said DiMaio.

Over the last few weeks, Tetramer pursued FDA registration for production and bottling of sanitizer while diving into the logistics issues of getting bottles, labels, and raw materials. “Our goal was to produce sanitizer to help local businesses as they are opening up. We know that restaurants and small businesses have people coming in for the first time and they want to provide a safe environment for their customers. Having hand sanitizers available is one way to help.”

Tetramer expects that this will be a short-term project as supply chains catch up, but while there is a need, they see this as an opportunity to provide a service to the community.  “We worked through a lot of unknowns to get this started and our employees have been pitching in to make this a reality. Our team is excited to help the Clemson and Pendleton areas in this small way.”

Tetramer plans to donate any profits from this first batch of 2000 bottles to Helping Hands of Clemson. Further production will depend on the needs in the community.

Hand Sanitizer bottles each contain 130mL (about 4.4 ounces) of liquid isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer. These are glass bottles with a cap to limit overpouring.

Local restaurants, including TD’s of Clemson, have already ordered the sanitizer and the following establishments plan to sell the sanitizer:

Moe Joe Coffee Company of Clemson
Wilson Processing Inc. in Westminster

Local restaurants and small businesses interested in ordering, please contact sanitizer@tetramer.com

Located in Pendleton, SC, Tetramer is a materials science company dedicated to the development of new, market driven materials and transitioning those materials from the lab to the market.

Tetramer Molecular Architects develop new molecules to provide customized solutions for industry, defense and energy sectors, and new ventures. Beyond designing molecules, Tetramer develops products and manufactures materials to enable new technologies.

www. tetramer.com

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