2023 Summer Internship Opportunity


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  • Undergraduate and graduate students at Tetramer’s location near Clemson, SC. Pay rate of $20/hr
  • The US Department of Energy has specified that this internship is for women, individuals from nationally underrepresented groups, and individuals with a commitment to diversifying the scientific and engineering workforce.


Student description: Interest / experience in (ideally several of) the following – cation exchange membranes, solar fuels generators, water splitting, membrane electrode assembly fabrication, membrane casting, membrane characterization techniques (e.g., electron microscopy, optical microscopy, confocal microscopy, conductivity measurement), 3D printing, chemical synthesis

View announcements and ongoing work here: Tetramer Membranes

Student description: Interest/experience in (ideally several of) the following – metal organic frameworks (MOFs), MOF synthesis, inorganic chemistry, heavy metal remediation, adsorption kinetics, synthesis of polymer/MOF composites (films, beads, granules, etc.), and material characterization techniques (ICP, SEM, optical microscopy, TGA, XRD).

View program press release and award announcement HERE

Located near Clemson, SC, Tetramer is an advanced materials company dedicated to the development of market-driven materials and transitioning those materials from the lab to the market or battlefield. With extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Tetramer serves as both a research partner and a supplier of proprietary custom materials. We also provide analytical services to support manufacturers in solving their materials-related challenges. Our team includes scientists and engineers with backgrounds in organic, physical, polymer, and analytical chemistry, ceramic engineering, materials science, and chemical engineering.

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