Tetramer Product Development Toolbox

Tetramer has the scientists, equipment, and infrastructure to efficiently develop new materials to solve existing problems. A suite of performance-driven business tools to provide goal-oriented focus to our research programs with an emphasis on meeting customer needs with a focus on fundamental materials properties, production cost, and speed. Customers include industries working in commodities, advanced materials, and government groups with niche, high value applications.

  • Chemical synthesis leading to value added molecular architecture
  • Design of functional materials to meet customer technical performance unmet needs
  • Fundamental structure/property relationships of solids which allow the tailoring of desired physical properties
  • World class analytical capabilities such as crystallization/kinetics/ morphology to define boundary performance parameters
  • Process research to lower manufacturing costs
  • Intimate joint customer product development
Developing value added materials throughout industry.
Innovation by transferring applied technologies to the market.
Evaluating technologies and their fit in a complex market.
Assisting and interfacing with clients to solve unique issues.