How Tetramer Works with Industry

  • Expands your R&D capability
  • Provides an existing R&D infrastructure
  • Gives you access to large number of highly trained scientists and engineers at any one time to solve your most difficult problems

How Tetramer works with Defense Contractors as a Sub-Contractor

  • Provides expertise in materials development
  • In house analytical for faster development times
  • Parallel development to aid in Tech Transition Plan

How Tetramer Works with Government

  • High Risk, High Reward Development Projects
  • Low Volume Specialty Materials Production
  • Research and Development to Production
  • Transitioning Material to Commercialization Partners
    • Integration into a device
    • Scale up partner
Developing value added materials throughout industry.
Innovation by transferring applied technologies to the market.
Evaluating technologies and their fit in a complex market.
Assisting and interfacing with clients to solve unique issues.