Outsource New and Existing R&D

Tetramer serves as an external R&D arm for multiple global companies. In this mode, multiple employees can work full-time on your R&D programs. Our experience in this model allows Tetramer to efficiently integrate with your company’s R&D and effectively communicate results and progress.

Custom Synthesis and Scale-up

Tetramer can take an existing process from literature or your internal documents and produce that material for your applications, whether small scale feasibility studies or moderate production for an existing commercial product.

  • File PMN
  • Develop detailed Tech Transfer Packages
  • Develop SDS

Commercialization Support

  • Current product innovation
  • Customer support
  • Process research and raw material optimization,
  • Defense of current business activities.
  • Development of platform technologies
Developing value added materials throughout industry.
Innovation by transferring applied technologies to the market.
Evaluating technologies and their fit in a complex market.
Assisting and interfacing with clients to solve unique issues.