Tetramer has products in various degrees of commercialization. Commercially available products are available from Tetramer or one of our distributors. Developmental products may be obtained under materials transfer agreements or nondisclosure agreements.

These are some of the existing technologies which are under development at Tetramer but it is not inclusive list. We have performed additional R&D programs which are not listed, so if you are interested in something which is not listed below, contact us. We have many years of experience in industry and there is a good chance we have the expertise to solve your problems.

  • Biorenewal Materials

    Tetramer has active programs in developing industrial products from biorenewable materials

  • Food Products

    Tetramer Technologies began a collaboration with Choco Finesse in 2011 to develop commercial batches of a superior solid fat replacement that dramatically lowers calories by up to 45% per serving and 80% of total fat without sacrificing taste or flavor.

    Epogee™ has been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, and fulfilled all regulatory requirements for use as a safe and effective fat replacement in a wide variety of foods.

    Click here to view the Epogee Fact Sheet_Oct2016

    Click here to visit the Epogee website.

  • Nanocomposite Developmental Research

    Nanocomposite Developmental Research

    • High Loading Nanocomposites
    • Radiation Detection
    • Phosphor Encapsulation
  • Optical Fiber Coatings

    Optical Fiber Coatings

    • Index Matching Adhesives
    • High Temperature Polyimides
    • High Temperature, High NA Laser Coatings
  • PFCB Optical Monomers and Polymers

    PFCB Optical Monomers and Polymers

    • Waveguides
    • Electro-optic
    • Electro-chromic

    Download PDF Data Sheet

  • Polymeric Membranes

    Polymeric Membranes

    • CH4/CO2 Separations
    • O2/N2 Separations
    • H2/CO2 Separations
    • Fuel Cell PEM
    • Water Vapor Transport
  • TetramerNDM


Tetramer® PFCB monomers and small molecules are available through Oakwood Chemicals.

To purchase PFCB polymers contact Tetramer directly contact us

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