Tetamer Participates in Annual Outreach Event

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As part of the company’s outreach program, Tetramer has participated in the Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Business & Industry Showcase every year since 2013. This showcase is an event held every fall for local 8th graders and high school seniors to come and talk to a variety of businesses from the surrounding area and learn about the types of jobs that are can be performed.  The 150 high school seniors also get to practice interviewing skills and hand out resumes for positions that they are interested in. Tetramer demonstrates a variety of science experiments and helps educate the children about possible jobs and careers in material science, chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Beginning in 2013, Margaret Shaughnessy, Andrew Schmidt, Debra Tindall, Quynh-Ho Taylor, Nina Breakiron, Joseph Murray, Michael Schreuder, and Kyle Berger have been involved in the showcase. Scientific principles that have been demonstrated include; the phases of matter, chromatography, fluid dynamics, sound waves, fluorescence, refractive index, static electricity, and electrical circuits.  Student questions about what high school classes to take, what a typical day for the respective employee is like at work, and the required level of education etc. are also answered and explained.  Additional outreach demonstrations and lessons have developed through connections made with teachers and school administrators that have been present at the showcase.


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